Men of Montreal – Just For You!

Jacob Massarelli is another Italian Canadian appearing on video for us. It isn’t surprising to have many guys of Italian origin applying with us as there is well over a quarter of a million Montrealers of Italian descent. At 19 years of age this young straight stud has a very outgoing personality that he’s showing off as a male stripper in Montreal’s gay village. With his seductive look, hot body and sexy eyes and lips, he must charm his way into many men’s hearts.Jacob measures 5’9′ and weighs 165 lbs. He states that his uncut cock hits 9′ when bone hard. He’s not bothered either by playing with his butt hole, in fact he appears to like it. After his introductory talk with Marko Lebeau, Jacob started showing off for us on the couch. He moved into the bathroom wearing only his camouflage underwear and got into the shower. There he started playing with his cock in earnest, without forgetting his hot butt and hole. He soaped up and kept going with his j/o work he then turned off the shower, sat on the edge of the tub and wanked while playing with his balls and butt hole.Jacob then moved into the main room and stood up on the wide window sill. He’s definitely an exhibitionist. It was a Saturday when we were shooting, but had it been a weekday people in the offices across the way would have had quite the show. He did grab people’s attention down at street level, who noticed this buff naked man jacking off in the window. The attention got him even more excited; he was feeding off of it. Spitting constantly on his bone hard cock, he was jerking and moaning his way into a huge cum shot. For his finale, Jacob sat and took a stance reminiscent of Rodin’s The Thinker. He finally stood to shoot the huge load he had been storing for us. Jacob doesn’t appear hesitant about coming back for more. So we’ll see what the near future brings.

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