Men of Montreal – The Applicant

Émeric Roussy applied a few weeks ago by sending his application to us online. We really liked his look as it stood out from the types of guys we’ve had on the site until now. This 21 y.o. dude prides himself in working out and keeping an all-natural fit and trim physique. He defines himself as a straight but open-minded guy. We’re not too sure yet what that means, but trust us to eventually get him to elaborate on that concept.He is somewhat short, standing at 5’6′ inches tall, but weighs in at a hefty 185-190 lbs. of pure muscle. He’s got a nice 7.5′ uncut cock that bends slightly downward when hard and can deliver a pretty hefty load of cum when he shoots. He works in construction, as a ceramic tiler, and his long wavy brown hair gives him a totally different look when he undoes the pony tail that normally holds it back.Émeric came in on a hot and beautiful spring day in our loft in historic Old Montreal. He was keen on taking advantage of the nice weather, so he high tailed his ass outside by the water’s edge and took a jog with throngs of people milling about in the Old Port, enjoying a relaxing day in the park.He eventually made his way to the loft, where a refreshing hot tub was waiting for him to cool off. Slowly stripping off his jogging attire, he revealed a nice smooth fit and well-endowed body. Like too many French Canadian straight guys, Émeric likes to shave his pubes. In this case, the pube-less lithe body definitely works for him.Émeric moved to the living room where he admired the scenery outside before settling in to the armchair and began stroking his beautiful uncut cock. Using the armchair in different positions, he proceeded to show us his best features… nice smooth and chiseled body, a hefty uncut dick, and beautiful butt cheeks. When it was time to shoot that load, Émeric got up, stood at full mast, and dropped a hefty load of white jizz across the floor in front of him.Throughout the shoot, this dude was comfortable, friendly and engaging. We just hope that he shows interest in taking the plunge to try some man-to-man sex play. We certainly plan to ask…

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