High Performance Men – Alpha Training

While at the club, Drake is given a strange playing card with an addresson it. Feeling adventurous, he heads to the address after leaving thebar. He knocks on the door and is instantly intimidated when Jon and Vicopen the door, sporting leather and staring at Drake. Drake is too scaredto move so he shows them the card. Jon and Vic know what the card meansand pull Drake into their dungeon where they plan to test his sexuallimits. Shouting orders, they dominate him and make him their sub asthey make use of both of his holes, rimming him on one end and facefucking him on the other. When they’re good and ready they take turnspounding his hole but the training doesn’t end there. Just when Drakedoesn’t think he can handle anymore, they push him further forcing bothof their dicks inside his ass, giving him the double penetration of alife time. Drake cries out but he can’t deny that he’s enjoying beingdominated by these two alphas.

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