Men Over 30 – Feud Fire

Alex is not a great barber but he still gives Johnny his monthly haircut and they always seem to bicker over it. Alex is doing his best but then nicks Johnny and he immediately becomes pissed and grabs the clippers away from Alex telling him that he’ll finish it up on his own. They both yell at each other and Alex walks off while Johnny finishes up. The lovers are in bed both thinking of what they did or did not do wrong. They question themselves while deep in thought and Johnny realizes he only has about thirty minutes to fix this before he heads off to work. The lovers make up and they have some great makeup sex. Johnny sucks on that cock as if he would never see it again and he gives up his sweet ass for Alex to do whatever he wants to it. Eventually Alex wants to repay the favor so he mounts up and rides Johnny’s cock like never before. Makeup sex is always better than the usual thing and once they blast nuts Johnny is the first to a nice hot sticky load all over his face. Enjoy!

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