Men of Montreal – While the Cat’s Away Mice Will Play

This scene was quite a while in planning. Both Samuel Stone and Alexy Tyler had asked us a while back to shoot together. It was difficult getting their schedules in sync, including making sure that Samuel’s boyfriend (Brandon Jones) was out of town, as he also wants to play with Alexy. But in this case, Samuel wanted Alexy all to himself for starters. So an Alexy & Brandon matchup is only a matter of time…The chemistry between these two was electrifying from the get go. Very little small talk to get things started, just a direct beeline for hot sex. Alexy topping his partners has generated quite popular feedback with our fans and he was anxious to take on that role with Samuel. But once he saw Samuel’s nice and sizeable cock during the photo shoot, he had a change of heart. This was to be a flip-flop shoot, as he wanted to take some of that cock for his own pleasure.Samuel was first to attack his partner’s cock as he started sucking with eagerness, getting Alexy hard in the process. But Alexy was not one to let his partner have all the fun, and soon he was the one working on Samuel’s nice stiff boner.Kissing, sucking, ass eating… and fucking was the order of the day. Alexy was first to get at his buddy’s ass, prepping it for his rhythmic pounding, first doggy style then riding Alexy in a cowboy position. Next, the guys got in a spooning position with Samuel taking Alexy’s ass from behind. Our veteran actor was in heaven. His face didn’t lie. Mixing things up a bit, Alexy got on his back, while Samuel raised his leg, and then he went back for some more of Alexy’s ass to fuck.For most of the shoot, we just let the guys go at it, interfering as little as possible with the intense chemistry on display. When the guys were getting close to popping, it was not surprising to us that they were in sync. One cum shot soon followed the next. Samuel took it all and then shot a huge load flying in all directions. This was a very happy moment for of them. And, for us. So sit back and enjoy.

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