Men of Montreal – Mike Aucoin: A Bicurious Jock Is Born

We met up with Mike Aucoin a couple of weeks ago and were seduced by his friendly charm and heart-felt sincerity, not to mention his sexy look and steely grey eyes. This guy just turned 25, and has been working in construction as a demolition worker for the past few years. Mike was looking forward to shooting this scene. In fact, we couldn’t bring him in soon enough for his liking. This handsome dark-haired jock has naturally smooth skin and he stands a good 5’11’ tall. Weighing in at 182 lbs., he’s no wimp. When we spoke to Mike for the first time, and asked him what way he swings, he hesitated with his answer, clearly reflecting on what to say. His question to us was: I’m not sure. I’m mostly straight, but could I say that I’ve become curious about making out with men? We told him that that has been coined ‘bi-curious’. He then spontaneously ventured: ‘Yes, that’s it! I’m bi-curious!’ Hence a bi-curious jock is born.On a beautiful summer-like late September fall weekend, we decided to head out to the city’s Old Port to take a few pics and do his ice-breaking interview with Marko Lebeau. These two clicked right away, which bode well for his shoot. It was busy that fall Saturday in the Old Port. Montrealers were taking in the hot weather and autumn colors by the thousands. When we asked Mike if he would be embarrassed to take of his shirt to show off his smooth hairless muscled chest for our camera, he didn’t hesitate even though people all around were staring. ‘Of course not’ was his response and off came his black top. He’s a natural exhibitionist. He admitted that he often hangs out naked at home, even with people around, and is not shy about his body… Not surprising with a hot body like that!We headed back to the apartment and there he quickly got going settling into the black swivel chair and started to play with his chest and crotch. Mike is a bit of a cock tease. At one point he stood up, stripped off his jeans and started to play with his cock through his briefs. He opened the top of his underwear, looked at his growing cock inside and closed back the elastic band and then turned to wink at the camera. Mike is a rarity as a French Canadian, having a circumcised cock. Nice and thick, his 7′ boner has a huge cock head. He clearly enjoyed playing with his cock, but we were surprised by his definite openness to show off and play with his butt hole. This is forbidden territory for many straight guys, but not for our now bi-curious 25 year old. jock. When asked, he only was too happy to put it on full display and finger its inner walls, obviously enjoying the sensation.Mike was enjoying himself so much, that he kept working his cock over even when we needed to pause and rearrange the cameras to maximize your viewing pleasure. When it came time to deliver his load for us, he was only too anxious to shoot his wad. He got on his back on the floor, asked if we had some massage oil, rubbed it all over his cock, abs and chest, and jacked off to pop nice load of creamy baby batter for our cameras.Mike is now thinking about taking things further. Let’s only hope he does. Stay tuned!

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