Extra Big Dicks – Big Dick Trick

Brett and Rich meet at a club and hit it off right from the get go. While in the club they dance and make out becoming closer as the evening draws to an end. They go back to Brett’s place where they start to kiss passionately with hands touching and rubbing many different body parts. Rich makes his way down to Brett’s zipper and pulls out his insanely huge cock and can’t believe what’s in front of his eyes. Brett wants to fuck him really bad but Rich is not having it so he takes it all in worshiping his sexy big dick. They swap sucks for a bit and then Brett bends Rich over and again wants to fuck him but Rich just isn’t ready for that yet. Now that Brett is face deep in Rich’s ass lubing it up with his eager tongue and loosening it up with a couple fingers Rich agrees to try squeezing that big cock in his small hole. Once in and over the hump Rich takes it like a man and Brett goes balls deep taking it easy in the beginning but towards the end he is manhandling Rich and fucking him in positions that show just how big his cock really is.Enjoy!

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