Club Inferno Dungeon – Drew Sebastian & Boyhous

Boyhous has a hairy fuckin’ hole, and it looks even better when Drew Sebastian covers it with slick lube. Getting Drew’s fist inside is just the beginning; Boyhous can’t wait to show you his bulging, pink and red rosebud. His gaping hole fits around Drew’s hand up to the wrist, where his tattoo sleeve begins. But these obsessed fist pigs know they can go deeper. Drew lies on the ground with his arm raised, and Boyhous impales himself on it, letting gravity push his gaping man hole even farther down Drew’s forearm. Drew starts thrusting inside Boyhous with both hands; left, right, left, right. Approaching the limit, Drew reaches in with two hands and spreads Boyhous’ farther than he’s ever been stretched before!

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