Active Duty – Kent

Kent was a little hesitant to shoot for us because he’s married — you can see his wedding band as he holds his beer bottle up (and then later as he fondles his balls and shaft) — but eventually he came around. Believe it or not, his wife knew what he was up to and even came along for the scene! We get a bit of dirty talk between them on-camera, and she’s a-ok with him baring all in front of a complete stranger… though I wonder if she knew just what her husband would get up to with us in the years to come?Lying spread-eagle over the American flag bedsheets, you couldn’t find a more fitting picture of an all-American boy if you tried! Kent’s got a bit of fur on his upper chest and nips that gives him a sexy, natural look as he pumps his meat to satisfy his manly urges. Then he bends over to give us a look at that amazing and just as hairy hole of his. It’s hard to forget ass hair as thick as that, especially when you’ve seen a huge dildo being stuffed by 2 pairs of hands down into that hairy ass-crack. Hope you guys enjoy seeing a bit of a different side to Kent! We owe some thanks to Kent’s wife, too. If she hadn’t been so cool with him coming, we might never have got to film such amazing footage.

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