Men Over 30 – Room For Dessert

Johnny has made an outstanding meal for Sean and a surprise dessert. Johnny has all the fixings for a fine meal including, chicken, rice and some red wine. Sean is waiting patiently in the dining room sipping on his glass of wine. Johnny finally brings out the hot meal and Sean is eager to try it all out. He can’t believe all this was done for him and Johnny tells him that dessert is on its way. He brings out some Boston cream cupcakes made from scratch. Sean’s eyes light up and he indulges in every last bite. Johnny is pleased to see his man so happy and now Sean focuses his attention on pulling down Johnny’s pants and sucking on that juicy cock of his. Two tight sexy men with ink making out and fucking is a sexy sight to see. Sean wants it bad and Johnny bends him over the glass table for a sensual pounding which makes Sean explode in orgasmic pleasure all over the floor while bent over. Johnny pulls his hard cock out and unleashes he’s warm cum all over Sean’s back. Now they can both relax for the rest of the day and enjoy each other’s company. Enjoy!

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