Extra Big Dicks – Waking Up Hard

JD is passed out in bed and not trying to get up anytime soon but Fernando has busted his way inside his room and wants to go shopping with his favorite buddy. Fernando wrestles with JD trying to get him up but he won’t budge and he finds out that JD has a raging morning wood and is hiding it from him. Fernando doesn’t care and pulls down the blankets to reveal his huge boner and from there Fernando dives mouth first onto the hard pulsating cock. He rubs it all over his face taking the smell of his balls deep in and licking them clean. JD bends him right over and licks his ass up and down so it’s nice and lubed for his thick long cock to penetrate. Fernando can’t wait and back up into it balls deep and rides that hard dick like a champ. They both fuck and grind until they explode their man juices all over each other.Enjoy!

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