Active Duty – Travis

Travis’ chest is covered in a nice thick carpet of hair that you don’t usually see on most of the young gunners we get coming out the gates. Of course he’s still got that soldier smirk and swagger that being a fit 22-years-young beaut would do to a guy, and he answers Mike’s questions lightning quick like Mike was his drill sergeant. Travis is from Cincinnati, and he’s 6’0′ and 195 lbs. Mike lets Travis get comfortable and right away he pulls off his shirt, not shy at all about showing off what he’s packing despite being a first-timer.Travis arches his brow and smiles at the camera as he plays with himself, mixing some cockiness in with the usual nervous look that our first-timers sometimes have. When Mike starts to zoom in to get a better look at Travis’ bulging muscles, Travis even puts on a bit of a show, flexing and posing like he’s trying to win a prize. Travis is a real good sport at giving us the full monty. He bends over to spread his cheeks, bounces his pecs up and down for us, and even gives us a bit of windmill action during his solo.

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