Cody Cummings – TOO HOT TO HANDLE

Too Hot To Handle

Cody Cummings is happy as a clam with his scene partner Brittany Amber.  Brittany is just his type and he’s not shy about getting very hands on this time.  He’s letting his insatiable appetite run wild, but can Cody control his passions the whole way through?  Or is Miss Amber too much for the Next Door Stallion to handle?!

Watch Brittany enjoy Cody’s suckling and licking as his thick, throbbing cock gets harder every second.  Brittany has also been looking forward to this one.  She’s been waiting to wrap her lips around Cody’s massive dick and take him throat deep.  Check out the scalding intensity as Cody sticks his eager boner into Brittany and lets loose.  But how long can he keep his cool under these incredibly hot conditions??  How close will Cody come to losing control before passion erupts?!


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