Vintage Gay Loops – REAL MEN

Real Men

Tony, Randy, and Sam are three real men. However, they wanted to confirm this fact… by having a manly threesome!

Ass and cock are both on the menu, as these guys don’t discriminate against what they put their tongue on. Tony gets greedy for a minute, and takes Randy and Sam in his mouth at the same time! The oral fun continues for quite a while before Sam lays back, and lets Tony bury his huge manhood in his bottom. Randy, for his part, crawls up to Sam’s face, and lets him enjoy the feeling of being fucked from both ends.

The pleasure is overwhelming for the mustached Sam, as Tony holds his legs up and continues to fuck him as hard, fast, and deep as possible. He needs to stroke himself just to calm down! Not wanting to come too soon, Randy moves his cock away from Sam’s face, and instead lets him taste his ass.

At some point, though, the sensations Sam gives to his partners are too much, and the both spray their man juice all over him.

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