Next Door Hookups – The Farmer’s Daughter


Kevin Crows is just a simple farmer, working the land for an honest day’s pay and dealing with the days as they unfold. The pleasures are simple and the rewards are hard earned. Truth be told, it’s not the life for everybody. Sometimes, on long hot days, it’s easy to get sidetracked, and a man needs an active imagination to get through. Luckily, this isn’t a problem for Kevin. In the prime of his virility, there just aren’t enough outlets for certain desires. So what’s a lonely farmhand to do? Why naturally, to fantasize about one of his fellow farmer’s wives. Now Becky Sue is crazy as hell, but out here, a man tends to overlook such peculiarities. And besides, in Kevin’s mind, Becky Sue is an angel. Often during a hot stretch he’ll retreat to his daydreams of slowly undressing her, his dick getting hard under his dungarees. In his mind, she is sweet as cherry pie, and as her ruby red lips wrap around his cock, he has farmer’s visions of filling her with his growing seed, the fruit of his loin spilling all over in a bountiful harvest of cum-tastic proportions.


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