Falcon Studios – The Guys Next Door, Part 2

Brandon Lewis and Donny Wright finish a swim, come out of the pool and start to make out. They cooled off in the pool, but they immediately get heated again, rubbing each other’s torsos and stroking dicks through underwear. Pulling down Brandon’s boxer briefs, Donny goes down on Brandon’s stiff, substantial dick. Hungry for the thick meat, Donny eats it up, and Brandon is happy to feed his swim mate. Brandon is famished too, and it’s not long before he’s snacking on Donny’s swollen stick. Big blond Brandon’s mouth isn’t the only thing that’s hungry, his ass is equally in need of filling, so he lays back and let’s Donny deliver his meat round back. With his rock hard cock in his hand, Brandon encourages Donny to really give it to him good. Stroke for stroke, Donny pounds away, causing Brandon’s eyes to roll back in sensual approval. Bending over and showing Donny his hot round ass, Brandon asks for more. Donny fulfills his request until he reaches climax and shoots a pool of cum onto Brandon’s lower back. Brandon follow’s suit by jerking a load into the swimming poo

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