Trystan Bull – The Houseguest

The Houseguest

Trystan Bull had a pretty wild n’ crazy night. There was only one problem…he didn’t get any action! He’s returned home for a little relaxing and rejuvenation. For Trystan, that means stroking his cock! Trystan has a houseguest for a few days, but he doesn’t think Jamie Swallow is around. Perfect time to pleasure himself!

As Trystan enjoys a little porno on the TV, Jamie spies him, but stays quiet and begins jerking his own dick. When Trystan spots him, he calls Jamie over to join in the fun. Jamie is impressed with Trystan’s physique, especially his fat erection. He goes in for a taste and is welcomed by Trystan. Soon Trystan is in prime, mouth fucking position, sliding his cock swiftly in and out of Jamie’s young, tender mouth. You’re gonna love the hospitality in this hot, living room suck session!


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