Vintage Gay Loops – Pump My Iron

Pump My Iron

Covered in sweat, Randy Mitchel pumps iron for camera boy John Sanders at the local gym. John focuses on shooting Randy from all the right angles as Randy calmly works his arms into a repeated chest press motion. Randy’s body is so perfect that John takes breaks from behind the lens to make sure that what he is seeing isn’t just his imagination.

Now that he knows that what he is seeing is real, he puts the camera aside and reaches for Randy’s cock. Randy likes the feeling of John’s touch and tongue all over his balls and cock so he swings his legs up and hints for John to give him the whole treatment.

The fucking begins; John holds Randy by the ankles and fucks him nice and slow. Randy takes it like a champ and stokes himself until he cums. He then gets down into the cock-sucking position and assists John as he blows his load all over the gym mirror.

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