Club Inferno Dungeon – Take the Plunge (Scene 4)

Jessie Balboa takes his job as fisting mentor very seriously. He intends to stretch out Brian Bonds’ hole no matter what it takes. He pries the young stud’s ass open with his gloved fingers and picks up an enormous dildo. Bonds’ eyes pop out of his head – there’s no way he can take it – at least that’s what he thinks. The maniacal Balboa shoves the 18′ x 9′ fake cock in Bonds’ ass and works him over hard. Balboa rewards Bonds by offering up his own giant ass. Bonds massages his mentor’s hole and works one fist, then two up inside Balboa’s hungry hole. Bonds decides to take the plunge; he gets Balboa on all fours and inserts his entire arm to the elbow deep inside Balboa’s guts!

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