Jocks Studios – Luke Milan Fucks Tanner Wayne

Swept away in raunchy kisses, taut Tanner Wayne and hairy-chested Luke Milan don’t make it into the bedroom before Luke’s shorts come off and his shockingly massive meat swings into view. Tanner swallows it whole, deep-throating the monster piece with avid slurps. Luke pulls Tanner off his cockmeat, and makes a meal of his buddy’s rosy pink ass. Back on his feet, Luke braces himself against the door frame and Tanner pounds his cock into Luke’s lush ass. Luke once again pulls himself off the near relentless ass attack, throws Tanner on a sofa, and vigorously slides his stout fuckstick into Tanner’s hot hole. The flip is so surprising that Tanner’s cum soon shoots over his torso, decorating his nipples and pooling in the hollow of his neck. With Tanner biting his nipple, Luke whips up his own spunk and lets it fly. Spent, the couple collapses into a satiated cuddle.

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