Club Inferno Dungeon – Hole Busters (Scene 3)

Spencer Reed decides he’s in the mood to fuck around with a submissive bottom so he calls Troy Daniels. Troy comes in to find Spencer finishing a cigarette which he snuffs out on Troy’s boot. Spencer orders Troy on all fours and begins playing with his ass. After filling his hole with a turkey baster full of lube, Spencer grabs a huge dildo and shoves it up Troy’s ass. Ramming the young stud’s hole makes Spencer’s cock hard so he pulls it out and shoves it up Troy’s ass. Determined to push Troy’s hole busting limits, Spencer grabs a huge fake cock and slams it all the way up inside Troy’s butthole. The twisted hunk decides he likes the looks of the huge toy up Troy’s ass so he grabs the red duct tape and uses it to restrain Troy to the chair with the didlo stuck in his ass. In one final act of dominance, Spencer towers over the helpless Troy and jacks a load of hot cum all over him.

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