Hot House – Kiss Lick Suck Fuck (Scene 1)

Tate Ryder and Troy Daniels love to kiss. Troy can’t get enough of Tate’s thick, full lips. Tate can’t get enough of Troy’s hot mouth. They shove their tongues down each other’s throats as the passion rises. Tate uses his lips to explore every inch of Troy’s body; his nipples, his tight abs and eventually his ass. Troy orders Tate to french kiss his puckered hole. Tate orders Troy to kiss the head of his big cock but Troy can’t stop there. He swallows the hot rod to the base while Tate bends over to kiss Troy’s backside and pries open his hole with his fingers in preparation for his cock. Tate fucks Troy down then kicks back and offers up his ass to Troy’s big cock. They flip-flop fuck until they can’t take it any longer and blow their loads.

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