Dylan Lucas – Ashton Harvey Solo

Where do I keep finding these guys? What a hot looking surfer! Though he has a Texas accent we think of him as a Californian now. Ripped abs, hard body, beautiful face and a suckable cock! A nice nude walk leads to the beach. Not enough privacy Ashton ends up on his couch for a little relaxing time. So horny, he strips out of his board shorts, leans over the couch and starts to stroke his cock.Those muscles really come out with that nice tan from the beach and sweat running down his abs.Can you tell our new hot surfer friend likes to show his asshole? It was so hard not to just throw down the camera and start eating his hot asshole. He rubs his muscles up and down his body and ends up with a huge smile on his face. And we get to see a huge load too! Come on in and meet my new surfer friend, Ashton Harvey.

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