Raging Stallion Studios and Next Door Entertainment Announce Partnership

Montreal, October 2, 2012 – World-renowned Raging Stallion Studios and award-winning Next Door Entertainment announced today that they will cooperate to launch an all new RagingStallion.com and FetishForce.com in the coming weeks. The new membership sites will be launched on all new platforms featuring a newly designed interface and will be integrated as part of the Buddy Profits affiliate program.

As a result, RagingStallion.com will be re-launched as a new mega site that will showcase the five (5) affiliated studios, Raging Stallion, Hairyboyz, Xtrainches, HighOctane, Sexgaymes, and Hard Friction, and will merge them into one network. Shortly thereafter, Fetish Force and Fisting Central will be unified to create an all-new FetishForce.com.

Chris Ward, President of Raging Stallion said, “Partnering with Next Door Entertainment is a decision that we are very excited about. They have successfully run our Falcon website for the past two years. We like working with Mark Bower and the Gamma team and I am very eager to see what they can do for the Raging Stallion collection of sites. We look forward to the launch of the new RagingStallion.com and FetishForce.com, and our ongoing partnership with Next Door Entertainment.”

The two companies also confirmed that current Gunz Blazing affiliates will be migrated to be part of the Buddy Profits affiliate program. This will mean that all existing Raging Stallion, Hairyboys, Xtrainches, HighOctane, Sexgaymes, and Hard Friction affiliates will automatically be migrated into the Buddy Profits affiliate program upon site launch. Details, login credentials, and further instructions will be sent to affiliates at a later date.

“We are pleased to be part of this new partnership,” stated Stephan Sirard, President of Next Door Entertainment. “Raging Stallion’s reputation is outstanding! They are known for their rugged men who project modern masculinity – muscles, hairy chests, tattoos, and aggressive sexual appetites! We look forward to the launch of their new mega sites and our continued partnership.”

For more information please contact: ewan@nextdooremail.com.

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