How to use the “Promocodes” tool:

Buddy Profits has a built-in a quick and easy tool that allows affiliates to request and manage their own custom promotional codes. This tool allows affiliates to participate in new opportunities and helps them reach different markets by promoting special offers that help better convert traffic.

How to use the “Promocodes” tool:
1. Simply log in to your account. Once logged in, use the side bar on the lefthand side to navigate to the “PROMOCODES” section.

2. Now that you’ve located the “PROMOCODES” section, click “ADD PROMOCODE”.

3. Customize your promotion but selecting the desired criteria. Features within the tool allows you to select a series of exclusive discount membership options, set the expiration date, and limit the number of times that the code can be used to create limited time promotions and “flash sales”.

Additional features include an overlay that appears when your surfer successfully enters a promo code. We also have an anti-skimming system to avoid sale theft between affiliates.

We offer a selection of standard promo prices to choose from in the drop down menu, and we can offer additional promotions on a per-case basis based with limited uses and times. (Please email your Affiliate Manager or Jeremy at for details.)

4. Track and manage your Promo Codes by clicking on “MY PROMOCODES”. The Promo Codes you request in your account are attached to your Affiliate ID, so every sale generated through your Promo Code will be reflected in either your RevShare or PPS stats.

5. You may print your new promo code to include in shipments such as DVD and Novelties or reward your Social Media followers by tweeting out a special offer with just the site and your custom Promo Code. Request yours today and start taking advantage of this powerful tool.”

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