Fetish Force – Leo Forte, Brian Bonds

BDSM veteran Leo Forte teaches a fetish or two to Brian Bonds, whose toes are tied together and whose head is encased in red panty hose. Leo pokes a hole in them so he can stick his cock into Brian’s salivating mouth, and he grins when Brian gags and motions “enough.” It’ll be enough when Leo gets a nut, so he resumes fucking Brian’s face until the panty hose are completely shredded and he cums all over Brian’s encapsulated head. Brian may be off one hook, but Leo hasn’t finished with him. Brian’s training has one more lesson. His arms, legs and feet are lashed together. He gets a new, red-panty-hose hood. Then he gets caned on his ass and the soles of his feet until his skin blossoms from white to pink, his climactic moans make the windows rattle and tears of release soak through his hood and drop to the floor.

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