Raging Stallion – James Ryder, Jessy Ares

That cop stomping through the club is not there to make a bust; he’s a stripper. Jessy Aresjumps onstage in full uniform and spins around the pole, jacking his nightstick and peeringout under his aviator sunglasses to make heavy eye contact with James Ryder. James is onestep removed from punk, with skintight jeans and tats along his arms. But James needsencouragement. Jessy has a strategy: he peels off his shirt to expose his hairy chest anderect, dime-sized nipples, then he uses the shirt as a lasso to pull James onstage. BewilderedJames is handcuffed to the dancers’ pole. Jessy yanks the pants off him and commences afull-bore blow job, wrapping his lips and tongue around James’s pole, then swallowing it.The assault takes a quantum leap when Jessy forces James to his knees and pile-drives hisuncut cock into James’ mouth. Soon James’s face is slick with drool and pre-cum. Jessy’s goal is James’ hole, so the cuffs come off. James goes down on his back, legs high, as Jessy massages his buns and flicks his tongue around James’s taint while fucking him with thenightstick. That anal prelude shifts gears, to a full-fledged fuck, both men sweating bullets.James drops his load on the floor and takes Jessy’s load on his mouth.

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