Club Inferno Dungeon – Hole Busters 7 (Scene 5)

Experienced pig-bottom Jackson Lawless needs a real pro when it’s time to get his hole plowed. That’s why we called in Alessio Romero, the tattooed, masculine top who knows how to satisfy a hungry butthole. Jackson kicks back in a sling, giving Alessio an all-access pass to his ass. Alessio takes his time selecting the right toy; a hefty foot-long fake cock guaranteed to get Jackson ready for a hardcore anal assault. Once Jackson’s properly stretched out, Alessio grabs a mammoth butt plug with a chain on the end. He mercilessly shoves the giant weapon in and out of Jackson’s ass. Alessio’s expert assplay makes Jackson’s cock rock hard. He pulls out his dick and jacks off while Alessio probes his hole.

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