Fetish Force – Adam Kim, Jeof Pierson

Adam Kim is Jeof Pierson’s trainer. Each of these toned, slightly hairy youths harbors sexual thoughts about the other as they work out. Adam’s fantasy is that his wrists and ankles are bound behind him; he’s wearing a jockstrap while being face-fucked by Jeof’s long, hard cock. Adam closes his eyes and saliva pours down his face as he tries to swallow the meat being forced into his gullet. Jeof fantasizes that Adam is suspended naked from one of the weightlifting machines in a rope sling. Adam’s body swings back and forth; Jeof’s tongue meets Adam’s hole on the forward motion of each swing. Grabbing Adam behind the thighs, Jeof pull his hind end forwards, spreads his cheeks and buries his face in the opening. Jeof’s cock soon follows, with Adam happily helpless to prevent the anal assault as his sling continues to rock. Approaching the point of no return, Jeof unties Adam and lays him on the floor. They jack off fiercely together, each unaware of the other’s fantasy.

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