Scary Fuckers – Skinhead Ass Play

It’s a slow night at the club, as Alex J dances his skinny ass all by himself. Decked in nothing but sneakers, underwear, and a pair of sunglasses, Alex J makes the best out of a lonely night. His boredom, though, is about to end.

Into the club walks Devil, an imposing man with tattoos and a head shaved bald. Upon seeing the slender Alex J, he grabs his own dick. Devil is used to getting what he wants, so he quickly pulls down Alex’s pants, and strokes his dick.

Still decked in his sunglasses, Alex gets on his knees and swallows Devil’s meaty pole while stroking his own manhood. The cocksucking continues until Devil demands Alex taste his ass. Alex buries his tongue as deep as he can.

Begging to have his tiny asshole stretched, Alex bends over and lets Devil shove his thick prick all the way in. Alex moans in pleasure, begging for an even harder pounding. Devil is happy to oblige. “More! More!” demands Alex.

With both men feeling an overwhelming throb in their balls, it’s time to explode. Alex goes first, exploding all over his own chest. Devil finishes off by blasting Alex’s face

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