Fetish Force – Element Eclipse & Ricky Sinz

Element Eclipse is blindfolded and handcuffed to a chair. He’s wearing only a jock strapand his pierced nipples are red and swollen from being pinched and twisted. Ricky Sinz isthe inquisitor and his verbal taunts are accompanied by slapping Element around and pullingout hairs on his chest. Element can bring it to a halt by speaking his Safeword, butresistance brings on more of Ricky’s attention, which gets his adrenaline and endorphins surging. Rickyratchets up Element’s discipline by squeezing his huge cock — which responds by gettingharder — and yanking the ring in his taint. Element endures having his balls spanked with arolled newspaper, getting hairs pulled out of his armpits and being swatted with a rubberhose, but he gives up his Safeword rather than have a stungun used on his nuts. His rewardis to be uncuffed. Ricky continues the verbal domination but permits Element to jack off as longas he submits to a ruthless fucking of his face and ass. At the end, Element lies prostrate,biting Ricky’s nipple as he’s scalded by two loads of cream.

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