Men of Montreal – Seduced by a Pro

This was Alec Leduc’s 3rd scene with Men of Montréal since his solo and you can see that he is feeling much more comfortable shooting. Remember he defines himself as bi, but his experience with men was very limited prior to doing porn. His cock sucking technique is definitely improving and he is much less reserved when performing, letting himself get caught up in the excitement of the moment. Alec has intensified his workout routine of late, working hard at getting more chiseled abs and pecs. Stay tuned in the next few weeks to see the progress.On the other hand, Hayden Colby, performing for the first time with Men of Montréal, has been doing porn on and off for about 10 years. Hayden is into guys and prefers to be a bottom but will top from time to time. At 28, he is looking pretty hot as he has bulked up, has let his body hair grow and is now sporting a goatee, shedding his twink look for a more jock-like stature. Sexy!These two had a passionate time. In fact, they couldn’t stop kissing throughout filming. Alec is usually reserved, but Hayden’s masterful cock sucking talent was in full view as his uncut dick stayed rock hard, his sustained moaning and head bopping back and forth clearly showed just how much he was enjoying being seduced by his more experienced partner. Alec returned the cock sucking favour for a clearly very excited Hayden. After some hot 69 action and rim job, Alec gave Hayden what he was really craving… a good fuck!After a good pounding, Hayden was first to shoot, unloading on Alec’s stomach. He was quickly followed by a clearly excited Alec who barely had to touch himself to unload his seed… Pretty hot!! So, enjoy!

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