Raging Stallion – Fabio Stallone & JR Bronson

Fabio Stallone is trolling for dick, stroking his cock, hoping to reel in a big one. As the fog lifts, JR Bronson emerges from greenish shadows. He becomes aware of the j/o exhibition taking place a few feet away. Staring, he grabs the hard on tenting his pants, and crawls on hands and knees to within sucking distance. Fabio reaches out to guide JR’s head. JR’s spine undulates as he sucks and swallows, but that’s not what he really wants. Standing, hestrips to reveal a body built like a brick shithouse. The black jock strap he’s wearing is not going to interfere with getting a cock up his ass. Fabio grabs two buns and squeezes. They are so rock hard, they barely yield. Their needs are totally in synch, Fabio presses the head of his cock against JR’s ultra-tight hole and rams until there’s nowhere left to go. He cups JR’s pecs, tears off JR’s jock strap, squeezes his cum-filled balls and resumes slamming that hole. JR’s ass is a prime example of perfection. He flips onto his back, his broad-shouldered torso dusted with hair, tapering to a narrow waist and turgid erection. Their bursting points are reached and the cum flies.

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