Fetish Force – Preston Steel & Draven Torres

Punk Draven Torres is caught tagging a wall by watchman Preston Steel. Preston cuffs Draven’s hands behind his back and tells him he’s being taken to The Center. Draven’s attitude immediately changes from one of cockiness to one of fear. He’ll do anything to change Preston’s mind, even suck his cock. It takes Preston about three seconds to unzip and pull his dick out. Draven’s throat is deep, but Preston wants to add some humiliation. Grabbing the 6-inch spikes of Draven’s Mohawk, Preston spits in his face and rams Draven’s throat until his airway is plugged. Draven chokes and gags. Preston slaps him around with his hands and his cock, then cums in his face. Draven thinks he’s off the hook, but he gets hauled away to The Center.

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