Men of Montreal – Repeat Offender!

We teamed up two intense guys for this scene putting together Power Top Mario Torrez and cock hungry bottom Alexy Tyler. Alexy arrived with a hood in hand and that inspired us to have him play the repeat burglar at Mario’s place, knowing fully well that his punishment would be, as with his previous burglaries, a good pounding from his ‘victim’.The scene speaks for itself as these two guys waste no time in getting down to business. Alexy was the first to tackle his partner’s cock, getting on his knees and quickly gaining access to Mario’s large cock. After Mario unlaced his lounge pants, Alexy’s mouth and throat were quickly getting his top man stiff and excited. Alexy devoured Mario’s cock and Mario face-fucked his bottom boy with vigour.As Mario loves to do, he then got Alexy undressed, shifted him around and bent over so his tongue could gain access to his buddy’s ass hole. Mario went to town, and Alexy was moaning and groaning with pleasure as he was getting a delectable rim job. He was definitely getting excited and he knew his partner was readying him for a good fucking. A good fucking is exactly what Alexy got! First against the dresser where he was getting pumped from behind, then it was onto the bed. Once there Mario started sucking his friend’s bone hard cock. And, after a good mouth fucking, Mario got Alexy back into a position where he could get his hard dick back into that hole. Alexy sat on Mario’s cock and started riding it in a reverse position. They then moved to the edge of the bed where Mario continued to pound his experienced bottom. Alexy surprised us and himself as he shot his load while lying on his back and taking Mario’s cock. But our top was not yet finished. He put Alexy face first into the mattress and got his cock back in Alexy’s ass and resumed his pounding action. As he was getting close to cumming, Mario got on his knees and Alexy on his back as our top jerked off in his partner’s face spilling a generous amount of jizz in his mouth. Then, Alexy shoved Mario’s cock in his mouth to milk it dry. Mario was squirming. Alexy couldn’t get enough and with a cum filled chin he kept sucking away at Mario’s cock…Sweet!

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