Maskurbate – Zack

(NOTE: This update is going live Tuesday, June 24, 2014.)

I’ve followed Zack’s straight porn career as he was making scenes with his girlfriend, here in Quebec. After making a couple of solos here and there, Zack disappeared from the Adult entertainment world. A friend of mine found him a couple of months ago on a social network. I wrote to him a few times with no reply. I thought then I would never have him on Maskurbate. Out of nowhere, Brad told me he might knew someone who could be interested in making an appearance on my website. That was Zack! Unbelievable! How come he never answered my messages? Well, he told me afterwards he needed time to convince his love one to make a comeback. The mask concept and the fact that I was a one man crew helped a lot! I’m so glad he chose Maskurbate to make his comeback because masked or unmasked, this dude has an amazing body, a great personality and a dick as big as his shoe size. His motto and tattoo ‘One Life’ says it all. This 25 year old thinks everyone should enjoy and live their lives to the fullest. So believable from a guy who had sex on a bench, waiting for the subway train! If you don’t know him yet, I bet you’ll fall in love with Zack, now a proud Maskurbate model! Enjoy 😉

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