Men of Montreal – Behind Closed Doors

Alec Leduc entered the hotel room that Marko Lebeau had told him to meet him at. But Marko was nowhere to be found. On the other hand the shower was running and Alec peeked through the opening in the bathroom doors to see who was there. Behold, it was Kyle Champagne showering and playing with that big dick of his. Suddenly, Kyle’s cock peers through the opening and Alec, needing no prodding, gets on his knees and begins a masterful cock sucking job on his new friend behind the closed doors. Alec carries on like this for a few minutes, attempting to deep throat that hefty downward bent dick. Tired of the limited action, Kyle, in all of his glorious nakedness, opens the doors shows us his impressive tool as the guys start to kiss and jack each other off. This may be Kyle’s third time with a guy on camera, but his skills seem to have been honed quite nicely. Alec bends forward as his partner spits on his hole, fingers it and then shoves his cock inside. Alec amazingly quickly takes all of Kyle’s fat cock. They soon move into the living area, where Kyle sucks on Alec’s very stiff boner. Kyle is definitely getting the art of cock-sucking down pat, working his tongue, lips and hand to raise his partner’s heart rate. But Kyle is still eager to fuck some ass. So they change places on the armchair as Alec starts to ride his partner’s big dick in a reverse cowboy position. As you can see that dick goes all the way into Alec’s inviting hole. As they move around to allow Kyle to fuck Alec in missionary position, the armchair holds good…The guys were getting close so they moved into a face-to-face position on the chair. Alec is the first to shoot his hefty load, but is soon followed by Kyle, as they cover the chair is warm, slippery jizz…The extend their torsos and kiss, and smile as they admire their handy work.

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