Men of Montreal – Scott Lapoint’s Ice Breaker

It was kinda appropriate that Scott Lapoint was wearing cargo pants for this scene as he has the look of a service man. Such, however, is not the case. Scott is an industrial worker by day and a male stripper by night in one of the City’s well-known male dancers clubs. He’s originally from the South Shore suburbs of Montreal, but now lives in the city. He enjoys living in the core, because it’s closer to work and a lot more vibrant.

With his stocky frame and broad shoulders, he gives off an air of unmistakable masculinity. He comes across as friendly and outgoing, but his steely grey eyes and short dark hair gives him an intense yet sexy look. Shooting a video didn’t seem to faze him.

Scott settled into the bed and rising like a phoenix was his manly 7 inches of uncut cock. He was wearing his Pump underwear and pumping was exactly what he was doing!

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