Circle Jerk Boys – Caught In The Act: Part 2

Steve has just finished blowing his load when all of a sudden his roommate Mike comes barging in and Steve jumps up covering his cock with his hands, fully embarrassed and not sure what to do. Steve lets Mike know that he was beating off to his gay porn; Mike tries to play it off as if it’s not his but Steve reassures him that it’s ok if he’s gay because he is very curious as to what it would feel like to be fucked. Mike, hesitant at first, slowly warms up to the idea and finally gets down on his knees to blow Steve’s throbbing cock that still has cum dripping out of it. Mike loves the taste and is extremely excited that he can finally open up to his roommate. Mike eats that ass and gets his cock nice and hard so he can give Steve a nice hard pounding. Mike, balls deep, gives Steve exactly what he wanted plus some. The two let loose and leave behind all inhibitions while they explore, fuck and taste each other to an unforgettable climax.Enjoy!

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