Circle Jerk Boys – Scene Studies

It’s time for Theatre class and Jake is trying his best to teach Benn the correct way to show your emotions without it being forced. They repeat line after line but Benn continues to struggle with the words and keeps coming off as a really bad actor. Finally Jake moves in real close and surprises Benn with a kiss who then takes a step back but continues on when Jake reassures him it’s all about the emotions. Benn is then serviced by his mentor as he sucks on his thick cock getting him ready for the phase of teachings. Jake swaps with him and now he can enjoy in that young mouth sucking and slurping on his big dick. The teacher bends him over the desk spreads his legs and goes balls deep pumping and thrusting sooner than thought. The moans and groans are heard from Benn as his teacher is wrapped around him fucking his young tight ass. Finally Jake lays him on the table to get him ready for his built up cum load that’s been building up since the class started. With the last pump Benn’s emotions are finally seen as his load shoots out all over his chest. Enjoy

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