Men of Montreal – Chad Aucoin: In My Brother’s Footsteps

Introducing Chad Aucoin; Mike’s younger albeit hunkier brother. Like his sibling, this beefy jock measures 5’11’ and has piercing blue eyes. But there stops the similarities as Chad weights in at an imposing 245 lbs, which 65 lbs more that the first Aucoin to grace your computer screen. A few weeks ago, Chad started working as a male stripper and he wanted to follow in his brother’s footsteps with us. So here he is performing in his first ever appearance in front of a camera. For the occasion, we thought it would be a good idea to allow this imposing jock to take a bubble bath. Chad can look intimidating, yet he is everything but. Admittedly, I wouldn’t want to cross him, but he is a really charming and reserved guy. He was definitely nervous to perform in front of the camera, but he loosened as things went along.You can tell that he enjoys posing as this seemed to be his preferred stance when we were doing the photo shoot. Nothing wrong with that as it made him at ease quickly.Unlike his brother Mike, Chad has an uncut cock. It grows to be a healthy 7 inches when he strikes a boner. Chad enjoyed the bubble bath as it turns out and by the time he was ready to shoot, his shyness had evaporated with the steamy hot bath water.Whether Chad wants to go further is a major question mark at this stage. We left him with that idea working its way into his mind.Enjoy!

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