Extra Big Dicks – Public Hole

Armond has been sexting with a well-hung hottie from a dating app which connects you directly with other men who are looking for glory holes. Armond has found Brett, who has one of the biggest fattest cocks around, and he can’t wait to see it in person. Armond is excited and in the bathroom stall already with his pants down and stroking his cock while peeking in the glory hole to see if that big cock is coming. Soon enough Armond sees Brett’s gigantic sexy cock come through the hole and Armond gets down on his knees and can’t believe his eyes. He grabs the thick meat and begins to stroke the shaft and suck the tip of the head. Brett has so much cock to play with that Armond is taking his time sucking and stroking every part of Brett’s dick. Eventually Armond’s jaw tires and he wants to fuck that big cock through the glory hole. Armond sticks his ass up against Brett’s cock, slowly pushing it into his tight asshole. Brett takes it all the way in, balls deep, and slowly picks up the pace as Armond works that juicy cock. You can see his small hole stretch each and every time Brett pushes deeper into him. Finally Brett comes around the stall and they meet face to face. Brett takes a seat on the toilet as Armond rides that stiff cock until he blows an intense load onto his smooth chest. Brett bends Armond over and blasts a bucket of cum all over his back. They then they clean up and part ways. Enjoy!

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