Men of Montreal – Matt Cormier’s First Solo

Matt Cormier was referred to us by a friend of his, Justyn Tease, a solo performer who worked with us at the very beginning of Men of Montreal, if you recall. Matt was nervous before his shoot, but he was by no means hesitating to deliver. This 5’9′ jock has an intense workout schedule as he weighs in at 190 lbs. With a wide back, nice pecs, he shows off a pretty nice bubble butt.

Matt is a military service man on leave who served abroad last year. Now that he’s on leave, he has taken on a job as a waiter in one of the city’s night clubs and he has grown a beard.Once we got through the photo shoot, Matt was starting to relax comfortably. He describes himself as a straight guy who’s never done anything with a guy, but doesn’t appear closed to the idea of exploring man-on-man sex. This seems to appeal to the deep down exhibitionist streak that he harbors.

It’s always useful to break the ice with a photo shoot, as a newcomer’s stress level usually diminishes considerably. By the time they get to the video their comfort zone has grown markedly. And, Matt was no exception. His bone hard dick was showing no sign of relenting once he got into his zone.

Matt enjoyed playing with himself in front of the camera and had no hang ups about toying with his butt hole either. When it came time to deliver his cum shot, Matt didn’t lack any intensity; even though the volume of jizz unloaded didn’t match his intensity. But, again, who hasn’t had an intense orgasm without delivering tons of baby batter.

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