Maskurbate – Randy

Patience is a virtue. Almost a year after I made him an offer to appear on Maskurbate, Randy finally accepted. The tallest model to date (6’5) is also a great athlete. He plays hockey all year rond. It’s his passion. So days before Christmas I get to meet him for the first time. He really is a gentle giant. A little bit shy, always smiling, in a good mood and ready to help anyone in need. A really good guy! Of course when we say giant, we wonder if he’s big everywhere. In fact he was kind of modest when he told me his dick was 8 inches long. It was more like 8.5 to 9 in my opinion but due to his height, it looked average. Even if he looks really calm and reserved, Randy has a sexual wild side. He loves sex. He loves women in uniform. When asked where was the most unusual place he had sex, he answered:’I had sex in a little blue chemical toilet during a rock concert’. Randy is definitely a great addition to Maskurbate.Enjoy!

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