Extra Big Dick – Pardon My Garden

Jake is waking up and heading downstairs for his morning coffee. Hes still yawning and rubbing the sand out of his eyes while he waits for his coffee to finish brewing. He grabs a cup and fills it up with hot coffee and leans back against his sink but what he doesn’t know is that right behind him in the backyard is Tommy doing some yard work but then he sits down and slowly pulls his cock out to masturbate in the backyard. Jake is enjoying his morning coffee and has no clue that Tommy is beating off behind him. Jake takes a stroll out back and startles Tommy who jumps up with his cock out and pleads to Jake that he doesn’t want to lose this job and how he thought he was all alone in the backyard. Jake doesn’t really care about his excuses but can’t keep his eyes off Tommys big dick. An awkward moment of silence comes about and that’s when Jake walks right up to him and starts to take his cock in his mouth stroking and rubbing his balls while he gives him the best bj of his life. Tommy bends Jake over the couch and goes deep inside him as he pumps him hard and fast hearing his balls slap against Jake. Jake is taking his cock like a champ as he pulls it out and rams it back in. Jake gets flipped over onto his back and can’t hold back anymore and unleashes all the built up cum which sends Tommy over the edge. Enjoy!

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