Extra Big Dicks – Big Morning Plans

James is passed out having a great sex dream and his raging boner can testify to that. He moves about in his bed thrusting in his dream when he hears a knock at his door which rudely awakes him. Billy is at the door pounding on it relentlessly and James takes his time answering it. As he opens up the door in his boxers Billy sees his boner protruding out from his boxers. It’s awkward at first and James doesn’t want Billy to stare at his cock any more so he wants to know what he wants. Billy wants to hold his cock and James agrees to it and so Billy strokes his cock and begins to suck on it taking it balls deep onto his chin. James boxers all pulled off and they fuck in the hallway with Billy bent over and then he rides that big cock until James blasts it all over his back. Billy unleashes his load all over James chest and then James sends him on his way so he can get back to his dream. Enjoy!

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