Active Duty – Jordan Sage

We catch Jordan Sage already mid-jacking by the time you hit ‘play’! He’s beating off something fierce, with a remote in one hand, and in his other hand, his massive tool that looks almost as big as the remote anyhow! It’s a wonder he doesn’t get the two mixed up more often.Jordan’s as big a tease as he always was, flashing grins and keeping his cock upright as he strokes so we can see just how hung that motherfucker is! It’s so amazing to look at up close that I couldn’t even stop myself from moaning a bit behind the camera, so please pardon my interruptions. Jordan didn’t seem to mind much though, he’s a bit of an attention whore so it probably turned him on even more.After Jordan busts his nut, that’s when we end up playing catch-up. He leans back and cradles his head in his arms, exhausted from his solo session, as he tells me what he’d been up to since we last shot together. Then he shows off his new tattoos for me. He does some stretching and you really get to see the guy in his natural element, as if he’d just gotten out of bed after a long fuck session and is about to take a piss and a shower.

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