Extra Big Dicks – New Member

Jordan is dressing down after the game when Dontae walks in with a enormous boner in his shorts. Jorden is a little struck back by it especially when Dontae begins to rub it while talking with him. Jorden can’t keep his eyes off of it so he gets invited to suck the big thick cock and see if he can get it balls deep into his mouth. Jorden not sure at first decides to go for it and wraps his small mouth around Dontaes thick long cock. Taking it slow and steady he uses his tongue to wet it down and with so much dick to play with he strokes it and rubs it all over his face. Dontae wants that ass but now Jorden isn’t sure about that huge cock being able to fit in his small ass. Dontae talks him into it and Jorden slowly sits down on it taking it all the way into the base. His moans of pleasure are released as Dontae fucks him slow and steady and eventually lies him down on the bench and shoots his load all over his chest. Enjoy!

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